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Bilingual publication „Fundamentals of Marketing Law and Intellectual Property Law in the Czech Republic“ was released

The textbook is the first publication that contains basic information about media law, marketing law and copyright in the Czech Republic in English. The textbook is bilingual and designed for non-lawyers working or studying marketing and for foreign companies to get a basic view on the Czech regulation

LEŠKA, Rudolf a Eva ONDŘEJOVÁ Základy marketingového práva a práva duševního vlastnictví Fundamentals of Marketing Law and Intellectual Property Law Praha: Vysoká Škola finanční a správní, as, 2018 138 s Edice EDUCOpress ISBN 978-80-7408-173-6

Available to order: https://wwwvsfscz/?id=1090&cislo=2202

The content of the book



1 Classification of Intellectual Property Law

1.1 Nature and Purpose of Legal Protection of Intellectual Property

1.2 System of Intellectual Property Law

1.3 Regulations on Protection of Intellectual Property

1.4 Duration of Intellectual Property Rights

1.5 Strategic Utilization of the Intellectual Property


2 Copyright and Rights Related to Copyright

2.1 Work

2.2 Origin of Copyright

2.3 Works Created by Employees

2.4 Commissioned Works

2.5 The Author

2.6 Content and Duration of Copyright

2.7 Technical Protection Measures

2.8 Disposal with Work (Contractual Use)

2.9 Non-Contractual Use of Works

2.9.1 Taking from other works

2.9.2 Use of other works by libraries, orphan works

2.9.3 Personal use of work and use for internal purposes of a legal entity

2.9.4 Works of Applied Art and Works of Architecture, Freedom of Panorama

2.9.5 Exhibition (Display) of Works

2.10 Right to Artistic Performances

2.11 Right to Phonogram

2.12 Right to audiovisual fixations

2.13 Rights to Radio and Television Broadcasting

2.14 Rights to Previously Undisclosed (Undivulged) Works

2.15 Right to Title of a Work

2.16 Rights of Database Maker

2.17 Enforcement of Copyright and Related Rights


3 Industrial Property Rights

3.1 Inventions

3.1.1 Patentability

3.1.2 Right to a Patent

3.1.3 Collisions of Industrial Property Rights

3.1.4 Content and Duration of Patent Rights

3.2 Utility Models

3.3 Know-how and Trade Secrets

3.4 Industrial Designs and Community Designs (Registered and Unregistered)

3.5 Trade Marks and EU Trade Marks

3.6 Legal Protection of Unregistered Designation

3.7 Designation of Origin, Geographical Indications and Traditional Specialities Guaranteed

3.8 Name and Reputation of Legal Entity

3.9 Business Name, Name of a Sole Proprietorship and Joint Name of the Entrepreneurs

3.10 Domain Names

3.11 Protection and enforcement of industrial property rights



4 Press law

4.1 Periodical and non-periodical publications

4.2 Publisher’s liability

4.3 Right to reply, right to subsequent statement, additional information


5 Regulation of television and radio broadcasting

5.1 Public and commercial broadcasters

5.2 The council for Radio and Television Broadcasting

5.3 Broadcaster’s duties

5.4 Right to reply and the right to subsequent statement

5.5 Sponsorship, teleshopping, product placement


6 The internet regulation

6.1 ISP and individual liability

6.2 Domain name protection


7 Protection of personal rights

7.1 Personal rights

7.2 Subject of protection and liability

7.3 Defamation

7.4 Protection of privacy

7.5 Protection of image and personality rights

7.6 Protection of name

7.7 Protection of expressions of personal nature

7.8 Remedies0 00

7.8.1 Damages

7.8.2 Preliminary injunctions

7.8.3 Unjust enrichment

7.9 Criminal liability

7.10 Protection of reputation

7.11 Legal licenses


8 Protection of personal data

8.1 Personal data

8.2 Protection of personal data

8.3 Office for protection of personal data


9 Unfair competition

9.1 General Clause of Unfair Competition

9.2 Special Clauses of Unfair Competition

9.2.2 Misleading Labelling of Goods and Services

9.2.3 Comparative Advertising

9.2.4 Creating the Likelihood of Confusion

9.2.5 Parasitism on the Reputation

9.2.6 Bribery

9.2.7 Disparaging a Competitor

9.2.8 Infringement of Trade Secret

9.2.9 Unsolicited Advertising (Direct Marketing)

9.2.10 Threat to Health and Environment

9.3 Means of Protection Against Unfair Competition


10 Advertising Law

10.1 Prohibited Forms of Advertising

10.2 Liability for the Violation of Advertising Regulation






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