Right to reply

The Press Act, Act No. 46/2000 Coll. is not available in English, therefore I am providing the most important part – right to reply.

The Act in Czech language is possible to download on the website od Ministry of Culture.

Relevant articles:

§ 13 Provides for the terms of right to reply and the additional communication.[1]

(1) Reply or additional communications publisher is obliged to publish

a) in the same periodical press, which was published in the contested communications, and in such a way that the new statement was the location and form of equal and reasonable scope of the contested statement, and if it is attacked only in part, this part of

b) with the express designation “answer” or “additional communication”

c) at his own expense,

d) in the same language, which was published in the contested communication

e) the name and surname or name of the person who reply or subsequent communication requests.

(2) The publisher is obliged to publish a response or additional communications within 8 days of receipt of the reply or additional communications. If the priodical press is monthly or quater year magazine, than in the next possible issue.

§ 14 Exercising the right of reply and subsequent communication with the court – within 15 days the period for publication.

§ 12 Demand for the right to reply and additional communication (subsequent statement)

The demand should be in written; the untrue or misleading statement must be specified with stating what injured the person and to what extent; it must be delivered to publisher within 30 days from the publication.

§ 11 Right to subsequent statement

If a periodical press publishes information about criminal or administrative procedures regarding a person who is or can be identified, the publisher is upon demand obliged to publish the final outcome of the legal proceedings. This right have also heirs.

[1] The Act contains further detailed instructions in case the reply or additional communication cannot be published within the period referred to in paragraph 2 or in the same periodical press. It further states the obligation for the publisher to inform in writing the person making the request, and the information about the reply.

Periodical publications

—  Obligations to the Ministry of Culture CZ

—  Registration number

—  Written notification within 30 days

¡  Title

¡  Content of orientation

¡  Periodicity

¡  Regional version mutations

¡  Identification of the publisher

—  Statutory copy of the newspaper or magazine free of charge to Ministry of culture, national libraries

—  ISSN – International Standard Seriál Number

—  Each copy identification information

¡  Title of the publication

¡  Periodicity

¡  Place of publishing

¡  Issue number

¡  Date

¡  Registration number

÷  Administrative offence

Non – periodical publications

—  Prescribed obligatory information

¡  Name of the authors

¡  Name of the publisher

¡  Business name of the printing company

¡  Year of the first issue

¡  ISBN – International Standard Book Number

¡  Statutory copy of the book

¡  Offering duty to library

¡  Administrative offence

Publisher’s liability:

—  Liable for the content of the periodical

—  The fault not required

—  Strict liability

—  Liability for quotations

—  Liability for infringement of personality rights

Not liable for veracity of information in published advertisement or commercials x Advertisement regulation Act

Czech Press Agency:

—  Česká tisková kancelář http://www.ctk.eu/

—  public corporation established by law

Network of branches in the Czech Republic and correspondents in the main centres of Europe and the USA. CTK also uses the services of world news agencies.



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