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Violation of presumption of innocence in case of “Nurse death” . Czech tabloid media found guilty of defamation and media prosecution

„Nurse death“ was the nickname Věra Marešová was given by media after allegedly killing 5 to 6 patients. Věra Marešová was a nurse in her fifties at the hospital in Rumburk. Between 2010 and 2014 she was accused of killing several patients, five elderly women and one old man by injecting deadly amounts of potassium … Continue reading

Legal point of view on hidden camera interview of the Czech Prime minister’s son

The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš has been investigated for alleged criminal fraud in his business dealings – farm and conference centre called “Stork Nest” (Čapí hnízdo in Czech) so that it would qualify for EU small business subsidies. The Prime Minister stated in the Parliament that at the time the funds were obtained, the … Continue reading

Bilingual publication „Fundamentals of Marketing Law and Intellectual Property Law in the Czech Republic“ was released

The textbook is the first publication that contains basic information about media law, marketing law and copyright in the Czech Republic in English. The textbook is bilingual and designed for non-lawyers working or studying marketing and for foreign companies to get a basic view on the Czech regulation LEŠKA, Rudolf a Eva ONDŘEJOVÁ Základy marketingového … Continue reading

Absence of notification of the date of the funeral as an infringement of the personal rights

The Claimants were adult children from the first marriage of the father who committed suicide. They claimed written apology and compensation of 50.000 CZK from father’s wife due to the fact that she did not inform them when is the funeral and when is the date of the scattering of his ashes. Despite very close … Continue reading

Is information about president’s health in a public interest?

A presidential election will be held in the Czech Republic on 12–13 January 2018, with a runoff to be held on 26–27 January 2018 if required. President Milos Zeman is standing for re-election. According to polls, president Zeman’s chances of re-election are considered high. However, his performances on a public occasions indicate that he is … Continue reading

Pictures of jubilees in the local newspapers

Act no. 128/2000 Coll., on municipalities (local government) states that the municipal hall can appreciate the significant life events of its citizens. Necessary personal data of the jubilees may be obtained from the population register in accordance with § 4 para. 2 and § 5 para. 3 of Act no. 133/2000 Coll., on register of … Continue reading

Publication of book Protection of personal rights in Common law with compariosn to the Czech law

I am most pleased to announce the publication of my book Protection of personal rights in Common law with compariosn to the Czech law. The book is based on my PhD research. The publication presents the complex introduction to the area of protection of personal rights in the Common law, especially in English law, Commonwealth … Continue reading

Legislative threats to freedom of speech in 2016

Criminal liability of the corporate entities for defamation Criminal liability of the corporate entities (legal entities) is governed in the Czech Republic by the Act no. 418/2011 Coll., on Corporate Criminal Liability. The government prepared already two years ago an amendment that was supposed to change the principle that the corporate entity may be sanctioned … Continue reading

The Scope of Parliamentary Immunity in Relation to Expressions on Facebook

On 16 June 2015 in the judgement I. ÚS 3018/14 the Constitutional Court dismissed the petition of Otto Chaloupka, the former Member of Parliament, who was charged with the incitement to hatred against a group of people or to restriction of their rights and freedoms. The applicant alleged that since he posted his remarks regarding Roma … Continue reading

Advertising and Promotion Agreement in the Czech Republic template

The advertising and promotion contract is governed by the Civil Code despite other acts are applicable as to obligations to fulfill – advertisement regulation Act, consumer protection Act, trademark protection Act. You can download sample and basic Contract for purpose of providing logo on sports or cultural events, websites or other here. The template is provided by … Continue reading

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