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Publication of book Protection of personal rights in Common law with compariosn to the Czech law

I am most pleased to announce the publication of my book Protection of personal rights in Common law with compariosn to the Czech law. The book is based on my PhD research. The publication presents the complex introduction to the area of protection of personal rights in the Common law, especially in English law, Commonwealth … Continue reading

ISP liability for third party provided content in the Czech case law

The intermediary liability is governed by the E-Commerce directive 31/2000/EC and incorporated into the Czech law by the Act n. 480/2004 Coll., the information society services. The implementation of Art. 12 and 13 in respect of mere conduit and caching is in full compliance with the E-commerce directive wording (Art. 3 and 4 of the … Continue reading


Under Czech law, Article 13 of the Civil Code is constructed as the gradual scheme of remedies for the infringement of personal rights. Article 13 (1) states: The individual shall be entitled in particular to demand that unlawful violation of his or her personhood be abandoned, that consequences of this violation be removed and that … Continue reading

Protection of personal rights in the Czech Republic in general

The Czech legal system belongs to the continental European approach to personal rights. It is influenced by German legal theory, as suggested by the creation of the general personality right and doctrine of natural law. However, it is most similar to the Austrian Civil Code, from which it originally arose. The Czech Charter of Fundamental … Continue reading

First post

This blog was set up to provide the latest information about the development of the protection of the personal rights in the Czech Republic. Specifically how the law of privacy/defamation has been developed through the case law of the national courts and the European Court of human rights. For the non-Czech readership the aim is … Continue reading

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