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Teleshopping regulation in the Czech Republic

Teleshopping regulation in the Czech Republic Practical guide of legal framework and case law regarding infringement of law and fines Sources of regulation: Act No. 40/1995 Coll., on the Regulation of Advertisement Act No. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection Act No. 231/2001 Coll., on TV and Radio Broadcasting Act No. 379/2005 Coll., on Protection against … Continue reading

Dr. Eva Ondřejová listed in Directory of Legal Support Services for European Journalists

This directory features domestic and international NGOs, journalist associations, trade unions, private law firms, lawyers and experts that offer legal, financial and advocacy services and support for journalists in Europe. Attorney office by Dr. Eva Ondřejová, LL.M., founder of the blog, has been listed as a contact for the Czech Republic with its seat in Prague. … Continue reading

Leaked nude photos or videos – how to protect the privacy of the victims of hacked nude photos in the Czech Republic

With the latest scandal regarding the posting of the hacked images of more than a hundred of celebrities and increased number of Czech cases concerning sexting and revenge porn there is important for victims that their rights are protected in the Czech legal order as well for offenders that this act is punishable not only … Continue reading

Media plurality overview in the Czech Republic

The aim of this post is to provide basic information regarding the media owners in the Czech Republic. The main sources to find out what publishers, radio and television broadcasters, internet publishers operate on the Czech market are the database which is compulsory for the publishers run by Ministry of Culture, the database run by … Continue reading

The rise of the interim injunctions in the Czech republic. The effective way how to protect celebrities when their image rights, privacy or reputation has been infringed

Before 2013 there were rare cases when the applicants has sought the interim injunction in order to restrain the media from publishing the stories. There were two cases when the Court granted the injunction, first when the tabloid media has run the story about the love affair of married husband of the famous moderator. As … Continue reading

Trademark protection in the Czech republic

The trademark registration and protection is governed by the Act No. 441/2003 Coll. On Trademarks (full English version in Legislation section). The IPO CZ registers the Community trade marks, International trade marks and national trade marks. Registration procedure The procedure of the national trade mark registration usually takes 6-8 months after filing the application. Application … Continue reading

The criminal libel in the Czech republic

The Personal rights are protected not only by the Private law but the Criminal law in the Czech republic plays an important role. The first part of the post regarding the Criminal law role in the media law area considered the duties of the media in respect of the reported information on Criminal Proceedings, Offenders, … Continue reading

Protection of name and goodwill of legal entities

Entrepreneurs registered in the Commercial Registrar, whether natural person or corporation are entitled to protection of their business name. The regime of the registration of the business name is  specified in the Commercial Code. Also the name of not registered entrepreneurs is protected. The protection is derived from § 19b Civil Code, Act No. 40/1964 … Continue reading

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