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Protection of name and goodwill of legal entities

Entrepreneurs registered in the Commercial Registrar, whether natural person or corporation are entitled to protection of their business name. The regime of the registration of the business name is  specified in the Commercial Code. Also the name of not registered entrepreneurs is protected. The protection is derived from § 19b Civil Code, Act No. 40/1964 … Continue reading

Defamation Claim Template

There is no prescribed form of the Claim that has to be submitted, however there are compulsory parts and essential information that without them the Court can reject the Claim. The Template I am presenting might be useful as general directions for person who is considering to bring the Claim in the Czech Republic and … Continue reading

Current legal debate in respect of the latest cases – January – June 2013

The unprecedented amount of damages In a recent judgement from 25th May 2013 no. 37 C 91/2012-90 the Court of the first instance in Prague ordered the tabloid newspaper to pay 900,000,- CZK (300,000£) in damages and to publish an apology. The case concerns the article about an actor and a director of one of … Continue reading

The costs of bringing the defamation/libel claim in the Czech republic

The court fees In the Czech Republic, the court proceedings are subject to payment of court fees. The court fees are regulated by Act no. 549/1991 Coll., on Court Fees.[1] The obligation to pay fees for proceedings  arises when the action is lodged or another motion for the commencement of proceedings is submitted.[2] There are … Continue reading

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