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The costs of bringing the defamation/libel claim in the Czech republic

The court fees In the Czech Republic, the court proceedings are subject to payment of court fees. The court fees are regulated by Act no. 549/1991 Coll., on Court Fees.[1] The obligation to pay fees for proceedings  arises when the action is lodged or another motion for the commencement of proceedings is submitted.[2] There are … Continue reading

Post-mortal protection of personal rights in the Czech republic

Czech Civil Code belongs to the legal system where the protection of the posthumous interests is expressly stated in the code (likewise Austria, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Slovak Republic). It determinates the class of the people that are entitled to bring an action in case that the honour, dignity or other enduring rights after the death … Continue reading

Reference for a preliminary ruling – use of CCTV for protection of the household from burglary

The Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic lodged reference for a preliminary ruling before the Court of Justice of the European Union. Case C-212/13 – „Ryneš“ (19.4.2013) The need to submit the request for a preliminary ruling arose in a case involving the use of an individual camera for limited household purposes that protects … Continue reading

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