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ECHR: Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia, a.s. v. Slovakia n. 2 and 3

The European Court of Human Rights has issued another judgment against Slovakia stating that there had been a violation of freedom of expression. On 26.10.2011 in case Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia, A.S. v. Slovakia (application no. 41262/05) held that the Courts violated right to freedom of speech and information when sanctioning a newspaper for alleging … Continue reading

Czech cartoon and caricature – a long-standing political satire tradition

Czech political satire is a long standing tradition in the country resulting from the history as the nation was under the Austria-Hungary empire first, than occupied by Nazi Germany and Communism. The caricature and satire is a form of the expression of criticism that builds a significant part of the press and public creativity. The … Continue reading

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